I love food. I’m 29 years old, I’ve been cooking most of my life, and I would love to start a comfort food restaurant.

However, my dream of being a restaurateur is being threatened by my recent decision to go raw. I made the decision to transition to a raw diet a few weeks ago, after the documentary Food Matters sparked my interest in the subject. I’m not a hippie animal rights activist [I don’t have an emotional attachment to animals]. So I began doing research on the diet and discovered this is something I NEED to do. The logic is air tight and so rudimentary. But, as with any diet, concept and compliance are two very different things. I had no trouble understanding why Raw would help me, but I quickly discovered the hurdles associated with implementing the diet into my daily routine. Not to mention how it would affect my dream of owning a restaurant based entirely on fatty, greasy, cheesy comfort foods.

In my research I discovered a transitional diet for people looking to break into the raw diet game. “Raw before 4,” which, simply stated, means eat nothing but raw food before 4:00pm every day (in case that wasn’t obvious). This has been a perfect solution for my lifestyle right now. It gives me an opportunity to transition to a raw diet while still giving me the freedom to cook and consume my delicious comfort food in the evenings.

Not to go without conflict, I realize that at some point I will have a moral conflict when it comes to serving food specifically designed to be terrible for people, while simultaneously subscribing to a life of healthy raw food, myself.

This is a blog about my transition. Lots of not-so-healthy recipes, mixed with information and recipes for the raw lifestyle. I highly encourage everyone to add significantly more raw foods into their diet. I would never advise anyone to eat the foods I cook on a regular basis. Even if it means crazy amounts of success for me. That’s not how I want to earn a living.

Everyone is responsible for their own choices. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. My duty here is to share my knowledge of the raw lifestyle. If you choose to adopt it, great. If not, I have some awesome comfort food recipes for you 😉




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