Over the past few weeks, the raw food diet has gone out the window. Stresses from life have made it hard to care about my diet, and I sought comfort in fast food.

The good news in that is that I quickly discovered the horrible toll that fast food takes on my body. I was back to being lethargic and having constant abdominal discomfort. Terrible gas and a week of diarrhea.

My problem is that I don’t trust the raw diet to make me feel better, even at my weakest moments. I fall back on the comfort of fast food, which obviously makes me feel significantly worse. It got to the point where I would tell myself “i don’t want fast food. that sounds so unappetizing right now. I want to find something healthier,” but I would end up in a drive thru anyway, eating something covered in grease.

The key to success with any diet change is to have faith in it. Believe that it works and will get you through. Find comfort in your passion for the new diet, whatever it may be.

Something I noticed that helped me get back on track, even if just briefly, was to focus on one particular raw food item that I enjoyed eating, and focusing on how good it tastes. Essentially forcing myself to crave that one item. For me it’s been avocados and bananas. “I can run to the store real quick and get an avocado or two.” Then, while at the store, I’d see all the other stuff I love eating, and end up buying enough for a couple meals or more.

I even took it so far as to time myself to see if it was faster to go to jack in the box, or to HEB. I found that it took me 15 minutes regardless of where I went for my lunch. Since I only shop in the produce section of HEB, it’s easy to get in and out.

I’m starting over today, and hoping to go raw for breakfast and lunch every day this week. No more cheating. I always regret it and end up feeling worse.

Baby steps for BIG change 😉


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