Breakfast Tacos!

Not too long ago our neighborhood hosted it’s community garage sale. I’ve been dying to try out some of my recipes on the general public, so I capitalized on the opportunity and decided to make breakfast tacos for the residents and patrons of the garage sale.

Emily and I both had insane amounts of anxiety about the idea. Having never done this, I was nervous if I’d be able to make enough to meet the demand, but even more concerned about how people would respond to a recipe I created. I had a lot of myself invested into those tacos. I was passionate about them, but feared the possibility that I may be delusional.

Sourcing the ingredients was fairly easy. Breakfast meats are insanely expensive. And Emily convinced me to use organic farm fresh eggs from a local farm (which is awesome, but it almost tripled the food cost for that one ingredient.) That had me nervous, because people will only pay so much for a breakfast taco, regardless of what’s inside. If I used nothing but wholesome, natural, organic ingredients, I’d have to sell my 4oz tacos for $8 a piece to make a decent profit. So we ended up compromising and i used conventional ingredients for the rest of the tacos.

I make killer home fries, so I wanted to make potato tacos with them. My test batches came out  perfectly. Unfortunately when I had to make them in large quantities, something was lost in translation. Instead of pan frying a handful of diced potatoes in a little oil like I did with my test batches (and like I do when I make home fries), I opted to fry all of the potatoes together in a large amount of oil. The oil wasn’t hot enough, so the potatoes came out greasy and bland 😦 I was so excited about the potato tacos, but couldn’t make it happen. Lesson learned I suppose :-/

All of our tacos had seasoned farm fresh eggs and my homemade chile con queso, then they were topped with breakfast meat or potatoes, and rolled up in a super thin, grilled flour tortilla (super thin is absolutely key!). I made my roasted poblano sauce, and creamy chipotle sauce to go on the side so customers could take some if they wanted. I put them in tiny 3/4oz souffle cups with lids.

We ended up making 60 breakfast tacos – 20 bacon, 30 sausage, and 10 potato, and sold all 60 in less than an hour! But more importantly was the overwhelmingly positive response I received. Below are just a handful of the comments that people posted on facebook:

Breakfast Tacos Reviews


As you can see, they were a big hit. Definitely the confidence boost I needed to keep this food thing going! 😉


Despite all the positive reviews, I would still change a couple things. 1, I learned how to make my own breakfast sausage and save $1.50/lb. so I’d definitely do that next time. And 2, I’d make sure to do the potatoes in small batches so they’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Oh, and I’ll make even more next time 😉


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