About the Culinized Food Blog

It’s no secret that food is a great passion of mine.

I think most people are fairly passionate about food, or at least the idea of food. It makes us happy, and comforts us. What’s not to love?

Some people are passionate about food. I’m passionate about creating food. I want to turn my passion into a career, becoming a restaurateur.

But there’s a small problem: I’ve recently discovered the raw food diet, and am now facing a choice between the 29-year love affair I’ve had with cooking and creating amazing dishes, and the airtight logic of the raw food diet for my ultimate health.

So this blog is to chronicle my emotional transition to the raw food diet for the sake of my health, while attempting to retain my passion for cuisine. Foods like cheese enchiladas, and greasy burgers will now be replaced with raw kale and broccoli (I hate raw broccoli).

In this blog, I’m going to write about the foods I cook as well as my exploration into the realm of raw vegan cuisine. I will explore the logic of the raw vegan diet, while simultaneously teaching you how to cook the best burger of your life. It seems backwards and unbelievably contradictory, but the purpose of this blog is to document a real transition to a better diet. To show how someone who absolutely adores a traditional diet can make small changes to [hopefully] switch to raw vegan completely, while bringing my passion for food with me.

I think this blog will be a great guide for a transition to any diet. I obviously endorse the raw vegan diet, and you’ll have plenty to read about why, but by making small changes you can drastically improve your diet and, in turn, health.

This is my blog. I hope you enjoy!




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